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"Alone infront of a Crowd," Member Review

Alone in Front of a Crowd

Sunday, August 12, 10:15 – 11:45 a.m., by Carol Studenmund and Steve Clark


Although I have never captioned or done CART, I found this seminar interesting, because it addressed a lot of the problems we all face in what is a very solitary profession when we are working alone at home. Carol Studenmund and Steve Clark advised us to take breaks, to keep personal appointments (especially with doctors), to not miss special occasions with family and friends, and to get out of the office each day. Exercise is key, and a massage is not a frill! When the workday ends, close the door, and go home (or to another part of the house). Allow your day to end, and make after-work plans and stick to them. Don’t be connected electronically (if that’s possible), and create your life. Stay connected with colleagues so you can talk daily about the ups and downs of work, and stay active in your local associations, especially those associated with hearing loss.

Although there’s no crying in captioning, be grateful when a person thanks you for your CART work or perhaps captioning skill. Real people are watching your captions! If you are captioning a conference, see if you can be moved to the front of the room so people can see that a human being is doing the work and not a machine! They also advised captioners to “join the crowd” – sit in the audience, regularly watch captions without the audio, and even record and watch the programs you have captioned.

And make sure you have a door to your office!