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By Michelle Theurer (Brooklyn, NY)

"There's an app for that," Member Review

Vendor Showcase Seminar: Stenograph-Case ViewNet: There’s an app for that

Saturday, August 11, 8 – 9:30 a.m. by Judy Wolf and Vickie Main

We learned that the Diamante has WiFi, and CaseCATalyst can be used as an input with any writer. The speakers discussed how to get CaseViewNet from the App Store, how to join a realtime session, and how you can see realtime on an iPad. We discussed routers, Connectify (which is a virtual router), and so on. They gave us exactly what we need to add CaseViewNetiPad to our realtime network. They walked us step-by-step through what’s new in the Diamante 2.0 and Case CATalyst 13.

The Diamante has a recent release. It contains: Brief It, Definition Exchange, True Stroke Data and Profiles, which were explained in detail. Track changes, Finish ’Em, and E-Key myths were also discussed.