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NCRF partners with local California Pizza Kitchen

NCRF partners with local California Pizza Kitchen

November 19, 2013


 NCRF partners with local California Pizza Kitchen to mark Veterans Day
Wartime Veterans nationwide urged to preserve their stories through Veterans History Project

 VIENNA, Va., Nov. 19, 2013 —The National Court Reporters Foundation (NCRF), the charitable arm of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), marked this year’s Veterans Day by partnering for the second consecutive year with the Tysons Corner California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) in McLean, Va., to promote the Veterans History Project (VHP).  VHP is an oral history program that collects and preserves the first-hand interviews of American’s wartime veterans and is housed at the Library of Congress’ American Folklife Center.  It was created by an Act of Congress in 2000 to collect, preserve, and make accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war. The Foundation has partnered with the Library of Congress since 2003 to help transcribe the more than 85,000 oral histories already collected.   

“We approached CPK at Tysons Corner last year once we heard that they were celebrating Veterans Day by giving out free meals to veterans,” said Beth Kilker, NCRF’s Oral Histories Program manager. “We had actually approached a couple of restaurants in the area that were also providing free meals to veterans to see if we could distribute materials about VHP, but CPK was the only one that recognized the value in this program and partnered with us, and for that we are grateful.”

VHP is part of NCRF’s Oral Histories Program (OHP), developed to help raise public awareness about the court reporting profession by focusing on capturing and transcribing the poignant oral histories of American wartime veterans and providing them to the Library of Congress to archive for future reference by the public. NCRF coordinates with NCRA members to complete transcripts of the interviews and submit them to the Library. NCRA is the country’s leading organization representing stenographic court reporters and captioners.

“Supporting our veterans is a year-round honor and the California Pizza Kitchen here in Tysons Corner is extremely honored to be able to recognize them each year especially on Veterans Day. I think it is vitally important that the sacrifices our military veterans have made for every American be captured in their own words and that their stories be preserved not just as their legacies but as a way to provide constant reminders to future generations of the strength and faith of these selfless folks,” said Stephan Potter, general manager of the Tysons Corner California Pizza Kitchen.

“The Veterans History Project gives these men and women the chance to make sure their personal story will never be forgotten, because it will be archived at the Library of Congress,” he added.

In the 10 years that NCRF has partnered with the Library’s VHP, NCRA members have submitted more than 3,100 transcripts, as well as additional transcripts to other program partners, including the National Equal Justice Library at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., the Center for Public Policy & Social Research at the Central Connecticut State University, and the Illinois State Library.

  • In Pennsylvania, Marjorie Peters, RMR, CRR, owner of Marjorie Peters Reporting in Pittsburgh, hosted her first VHP Day and drew 15 veterans, including two female veterans, to tell their stories.
  • In Minneapolis, Minn., a VHP Day hosted by Paradigm Reporting & Captioning, owned by Jan Ballman, RPR, CMRS, attracted 11 veterans wanting to preserve their experiences and caught the attention of two local print and media outlets. Ballman also used the event to capture her own father’s story, as well as the story of his best friend.
  • In Philadelphia, Kathy McHugh, RPR, CRR, president-elect of the Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association, was interviewed about VHP by WIBG-AM in Philadelphia.
  • The Judicial Court, Lake County, Ill., hosted a VHP day at the Waukegan Courthouse that attracted 11 veterans to share their stories.
  • Anoka Technical College, Anoka, Minn., hosted its sixth Annual VHP Day in November, and will bring local court reporters and court reporting students together to interview, record, and transcribe veterans’ stories for the Library of Congress.
  • AIB College of Business, Des Moines, Iowa, held its sixth VHP Day in November, to honor veterans from the State of Iowa.
  • The Texas Court Reporters Association, in conjunction with the Texas State Bar, is hosting a statewide VHP event, to ensure that as many veterans from Texas as possible will have the stories of their wartime experiences preserved.
  • The Illinois Secretary of State/Illinois State Library expects to add an additional 100 veteran’s histories to its current collection of 50, by the end of 2013.

“We have been told countless times what a wonderful experience it is for a reporter to transcribe an oral history and to be part of making a lasting legacy, and we have been overwhelmed by the support that has come in,” Kilker added.   

Certified reporters receive free Professional Development Credit for each transcript they complete, while court reporting students receive a complimentary student membership to NCRA through the Foundation’s Student Initiatives Program for transcribing histories.  

For more information about VHP or the Oral Histories Program, contact Beth Kilker at, or at 800/272-6272, ext. 174. 

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