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“Men of Court Reporting” fundraiser a major success for NCRA PAC

August 16, 2013

Throughout NCRA’s Annual Convention and Expo, the most popular item was certainly the “Men of Court Reporting” calendar, the annual fundraiser for NCRA’s political action committee (PAC). The calendar features some of the most prominent faces in court reporting, including:

• Micheal Johnson (Texas), RPR, CRR
• Craig Williams (Indiana), RPR, CMRS, CLVS
• Huey Bang (Mississippi), RMR, CRR
• Charles Cady (Ohio), RMR
• William Zaremba (Ohio), RMR, CRR
• Paul Brandell (Michigan), RPR
• Brian Clune (California), CLVS
• Stephen Zinone (New York), RPR
• Ron Cook, (Washington), RMR, CRR
• Mike Miller (Texas), RDR, CRR, FAPR
• Wade Van Tassell (Utah), RMR, CRR
• Rich Alossi (California), RPR, CCRR, CSR
• Richard Scire (Florida), RPR
• Michael Scire (Florida), RPR, CMRS
• Jim Connor (Indiana), RPR, CRR, CLVS
• Matthew Moss (Georgia)
• Marty Herder (Arizona)
• Glyn Poage (Texas) RDR, CRR, FAPR

More than $8,000 in donations were received for NCRA’s PAC, which will help bolster NCRA’s federal efforts on Capitol Hill such as securing grants for court reporting schools, working towards expanding the availability of captioning requirements nationwide, and improving security at our nation’s courthouses.

There are still a limited number of calendars available which can be ordered by completing this form and faxing it to 703-391-0629 or by ordering online.

Please email NCRA’s government relations department with any questions. For more information on NCRA PAC, visit the PAC homepage.

Note: Contributions to NCRA PAC are voluntary and not tax-deductible and they are used for political purposes. To contribute, you must be a United States citizen and NCRA member, and you must pay with a personal check or credit card.