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The "Men of Court Reporting"

The "Men of Court Reporting" return to convention

July 11, 2013

The NCRA PAC Governing Board is proud to announce the return of the "Men of Court Reporting" calendar. The calendar will be available for purchase at NCRA’s 2013  Convention & Expo for a $45 contribution to NCRA PAC and will feature some of the most prominent men in the court reporting and legal video industries.  

The calendar will start at a price of $45 each with additional deals as you order more. As a special treat, the men featured in the 2013 Men of Court Reporting will also be at the Government Relations convention booth throughout the weekend to sign purchased calendars. 

If you are not attending convention, please fill out the form to pre-order a calendar and email it to NCRA’s Government Relations Department or fax it to 703-391-0629. Calendars can also be purchased online. All pre-ordered calendars will be shipped beginning Aug. 12, following the completion of  NCRA’s 2013 Convention & Expo.

 Note: Contributions to NCRA PAC are voluntary and not tax-deductible and they are used for political purposes.  To contribute, you must be a United States citizen and NCRA member, and you must pay with a personal check or credit card.