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Legislation prohibiting third-party contracting

Maine Governor signs legislation prohibiting third-party contracting

July 11, 2013

On June 18, 2013, Maine Gov. Paul LePage signed legislation into law that will prohibit some of the ethical considerations related to third-party contracting. The bill, An Act to Ensure Ethical Standards for Court Reporters (L.D. 1469; S.P. 543), had broad bipartisan support as well as the support of groups like the Maine Trial Lawyers Association. The Maine Court Reporters Association (MCRA) led the multi-year grassroots campaign to pass this legislation that ultimately proved successful. The legislation highlights the importance of court reporters' impartiality and the need for maintaining strict ethical standards for court reporters engaged in the legal system.

MCRA representatives utilized their training from NCRA’s 2013 Legislative Boot Camp to help draft oral and written testimony, develop a legislative strategy, and follow-through with legislators and key strategic alliances to ensure that their legislation was able to pass. NCRA was engaged with the leadership of the MCRA as well. NCRA commends the work of the MCRA for its efforts in passing this legislation. For more information, contact NCRA’s Government Relations Department.