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Veterans History Project Day in Nashville

June 21, 2013

July 4th is the day when Americans celebrate our independence from British rule -- the day our freedoms were identified and adopted by our forefathers. From that day forward, these United States and our freedoms have been protected and defended by men, and eventually women, in our armed services.

Join us in celebrating these heroes on Friday, Aug. 9, during NCRA’s Annual Convention in Nashville, Tenn., when NCRF will host a Veterans History Project Day.

NCRF will honor 16 veterans from Tennessee who fought to defend and preserve these freedoms by collecting and preserving the stories of their combat experiences. The transcripts of these stories will be preserved and archived in the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress, where they will be available to researchers, historians, and the public.

If you plan to attend convention and would like to either interview a veteran or record and transcribe a veteran's history, contact Beth Kilker, NCRF's Oral Histories Project program coordinator, at, or 800-272-6272, ext. 126.