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Court reporters reach out to Oklahoma

Court reporters reach out to Oklahoma

May 23, 2013

How you can help the victims of last week’s deadly tornado

In the wake of the devastation caused by the massive tornado that touched down in Moore, Okla., last week, the Oklahoma Court Reporters Association has begun to collect donations of gift cards to benefit a court reporter who lost the home she was living in and all of her belongings. NCRA has also contributed to OCRA.

“It is important that members of the court reporting family know that they have the support available to them to help replace damaged or lost equipment and other items that would prohibit them from working, especially in times as challenging as now that are being faced by the victims of this tragedy,” said Jim Cudahy, NCRA executive director and chief executive officer. “Court reporters are inherently caring and generous, whether the need is for money or time. Their readiness to aid a fellow reporter reflects the selflessness that makes those in our profession so unique.”

Kelly Stoabs, a freelance reporter, was away at the time the tornado hit the city of Moore. However, the home she was living in was flattened by the tornado leaving her with only the clothes and items she had with her. Her steno machine was also with her, said Chrystal Vance, a member of OCRA’s board of directors and donations coordinator.

Also aiding in the search and rescue efforts in Moore, were two members of the Search Dog Foundation, whose training and care are sponsored by the Julie Brandau Community Service Memorial Project, established by the court reporting community in honor of Brandau, a court reporter who was murdered in an Atlanta courtroom in 2005. The Search Dog Foundation rescues high-energy dogs and trains them to become search and rescue canines for firefighters and other first responders at no cost to their agencies. The canines, Elvis and Lilly, participated with their handlers, Lt. Chet Clark of the Oklahoma City Fire and Rescue, and Steve MacDonald from the Nebraska Task Force 1, respectively.

NCRA members interested in aiding Stoabs and others impacted by the massive tornado are encouraged to donate to the Search Dog Foundation, Julie Brandau Community Service Memorial Project or to the Red Cross. Donations of gift cards can also be made by mail c/o Chrystal Vance at 974 Hilltop Mansion, Yukon, OK 73099. Vance is a friend of Stoabs and will deliver all donations to her directly.

To donate to paypal, please go to, there is a tab “send money”if you put in, the money will go to that account. Please note that it is “for Kelly Stoabs” and Chrystal Vance will make sure the money gets to her.