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NCRA Comments on Congressional Hearing

NCRA Comments on Congressional Hearing

May 10, 2013

NCRA Executive Director & CEO Jim Cudahy, CAE submitted written testimony to the United States House of Representatives Transportation Security Subcommittee for a hearing titled, “TSA Procurement Reform: Saving Taxpayer Dollars Through Smarter Spending Practices”. In the testimony, Cudahy emphasized to the committee that “a legislative solution exists to help resolve the conundrum of there being excess equipment currently housed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).” That solution is the Local Courthouse Safety Act, one of NCRA’s key legislative priorities with Congress.

Among several other provisions, this legislation would allow for excess security equipment held by government agencies, like the TSA, to be distributed to courthouses around the country based on need. Many courthouses, especially those found in rural locations do not have equipment like metal detectors, baggage screeners, or security wands. With an average of one shooting a month at courts around the country, this legislation would help deter many potential threats that court employees and the public may face.  

View NCRA’s written testimony.