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Altruism Award Nominations-Deadline May 31st

NCRF Calls for Altruism Award Nominations-Deadline May 31st

May 9, 2013

Each year at the NCRA Convention, the National Court Reporters Foundation awards its highest honor, the Santo J. Aurelio Award for altruism.  This  award goes to a long-time court reporter who has given back selflessly to the profession or community.  The nominee must be an NCRA Participating or Registered member, or a Retired Participating or Registered member; must have demonstrated altruistic behavior; and must have been a working reporter for at least 25 years.   We all know people like this, so look around you and take a few moments and submit a nomination form.  The deadline is May 31, 2013.  For questions, contact B. J. Shorak, NCRF Deputy Executive Director, on 800/272-6272, ext. 126, or email.