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Introducing the all new NCRA Sourcebook!

Introducing the all new NCRA Sourcebook!

May 9, 2013

Among the most important things NCRA can do for its members is to easily connect them to those who are in need of a court reporter, captioner, CART provider, legal videographer or other related service provider. The association is launching a new, contemporary strategy for NCRA’s Sourcebook in the coming months—both the online and printed versions—that aims to offer members greater reach among the audiences that matter.


While the former Sourcebook served as a comprehensive directory of NCRA members and court reporting and captioning firms, the book was bulky, difficult to ship and reached a very limited audience of those who paid for a copy. To get the Sourcebook in as many hands as possible, NCRA has revamped the printed edition to become the 11th issue of the JCR. This means that the entire JCR circulation will receive the NCRA Sourcebook each year, and the Sourcebook will now be sleek enough for additional distribution, including to legal industry events, deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, and more.


The printed hardcopy Sourcebook will be streamlined to make it small enough to be the August issue of the JCR, but the online Sourcebook presence for each member  has been expanded significantly as part of this strategy. The former online directory, previously known as the Professional Services Locator, or PSL, is being re-branded as NCRA’s Online Sourcebook to more closely align with the print product and will launch in early July. All NCRA reporter and associate members will receive a complimentary listing that contains more than twice the details and searchable information compared to what was online in the past.

The online listing for each member will contain a wealth of searchable information, including the member’s name, credentials, business name, full business address, phone numbers, an active email address, primary reporter/employment type, notary designation, NCRA certifications, Ethics First participation, and reporting specialties.


The reinvigorated Sourcebook not only features a streamlined print version and robust online version, but will also include in the near future downloadable app versions to suit the way today’s consumers of court reporting and captioning services search for information. This Sourcebook app—compatible with both iPhone and Droid platforms—will allow users to connect with NCRA members quickly and efficiently, based on several specialized search criteria. The app will be available later this year.


The print version of the Sourcebook will go into production in early June. In order to make sure your information is current and accurate, please log-on to your NCRA account today and confirm that the information associated with your member account is still correct. You will also receive in the coming weeks a letter from NCRA highlighting what is currently on file in your member account—please take a moment to review the information before the new Sourcebook goes to print! The deadline to update your complimentary listing is April 15, 2015.

In the print edition, your listing will include your name, NCRA credentials, the city and state in which you live, the type of reporter you are, email, business phone, and website. 

Additional information about you and your expertise will appear in the online version, set to launch in early July. As approved at the March 2013 board meeting, the NCRA Sourcebook will no longer highlight state designations, given that NCRA is unable to confirm such certifications for validity and accuracy.

Starting this year, all listings will be organized by government-outlined Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs). These are based on your zip code and cannot be changed in NCRA’s system.

For security purposes, we cannot accept verbal changes over the phone. If you’d like to make changes to the information contained in the current Sourcebook, you must log-on to your NCRA account.


These Sourcebook changes will position NCRA members in a contemporary way that facilitates networking and additional business opportunities, and highlights the overall professionalism of the court reporting and captioning providers who are proud to be NCRA members.

If you are interested in learning more about the firm section of the Sourcebook or for additional advertising opportunities, please contact Executive Publishing at