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Tips for realtime on Windows 8

Tech Wire: Tips for realtime on Windows 8

March 21, 2013

By Patricia Harris Vernon

If you are using Windows 8 and doing realtime (or even if you are not realtiming), there are additional items you need to turn off that run automatically, and you may not realize it; especially if you signed in and set it up with a Microsoft account password and not with a local account. I would check them even if you are on a local account setup.

Go to the very front Windows 8 opening screen where the Live Tiles (formerly icons) are set up. Check each and every Live Tile on the lefthand side. All of the programs are probably running, trying to constantly check  the Web.Doing this will eat up your CPU processing power, making your machine run nonstop; which can cause pausing/freezing problems during realtime and editing time. It might be running the mail, weather, store, news, podcasts, shopping, or games icons, just to name a few. That can cause real problems including making your processor run at full speed, and slowing everything down, depending on how much is running. It's like having multiple programs running constantly in the background.

To turn them off, go to the front Windows 8 screen; from the Win8 desktop, bring up the charms and click on the WINDOW icon to get there.

Right click on a Live Tile. At the bottom of the screen, a message box will appear.  Click on the message to turn it off. You can always turn it on later if you need it. That is a permanent turn off until you reactivate it. Turn off each Live Tile you are not using to save yourself some headaches. The icons on the right are your program icons. You don't need to be concerned about those.


Patricia Harris Vernon is a freelance reporter in Sequin, Texas, and a participating member of NCRA. She is also active in the Texas Court Reporters Association and its Technology Committee.