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Celebrating 10 years with the Veterans History Project

NCRF celebrates its 10-year anniversary with the Veterans History Project

March 8, 2013

This year, 2013, marks the 10th year of NCRF’s official partnership with the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project, and we want to ring in that anniversary with a bang! That’s why we’re calling on the NCRA membership to help us “Make the Promise.”

In the past nine years, NCRF has sent over 2,800 completed transcripts to the Library of Congress. Just think about what that means. In all likelihood, if NCRF didn’t have this program, and if NCRA members didn’t participate, those stories would not be available to the public for research and to the families as a precious keepsake for posterity.

To celebrate our 10-year partnership, we’ve set a goal of reaching 3,000 completed transcripts by Memorial Day 2013. We can do it, but only with your help, so NCRF is asking court reporters to get involved.

  • If you’re a firm owner, host a VHP Day in your office. Have local vets come in and have your reporters get their stories. Jan Ballman of Minnesota and Nancy Varallo of Massachusetts are two firm owners who have hosted very successful VHP Days in their offices.
  • If you’re an official, organize a VHP Day in your courthouse. Many judges, attorneys, and other court personnel are veterans, and you can invite local veterans to the courthouse where you and your fellow officials can get their stories. Stephanie Moses of Texas has organized ongoing VHP Days.  The Texas Court Reporters Association, in conjunction with members of the State Bar of Texas, are interviewing and transcribing the oral histories of veterans from across the state of Texas.
  • If you’re a school owner, teacher, or administrator, organize a VHP Day on Campus. AIB College of Business, Des Moines, IA, and Anoka Technical College, Anoka, MN, are among the schools that have hosted VHP Days on Campus. It gets students involved, too, and NCRF will pay a student’s membership in NCRA in return for transcribing two histories!
  • If you’re a state association, host a VHP Day at your convention, or partner with another organization to collect veterans’ stories. The Idaho Court Reporters Association is working with the Idaho State Supreme Court to collect 45 veterans’ histories.  And the Delaware Court Reporters Association will be hosting a VHP Day on March 9, 2013, to honor veterans from Delaware.
  • If you’re a freelancer, contact local VFW or DAV organizations to see about interviewing some of their members. They’re always appreciative that someone cares. Jackie Timmons from Illinois and Virginia Dodge from Massachusetts have done this.

You get the idea.

Interviewing and/or transcribing the oral history of a war veteran will be more rewarding than you can imagine, and you’re helping to preserve historical recollections for future research and posterity.

We’re working with the Library of Congress to plan an event celebrating our 10-year partnership, and we want to be able to tell them that over 3,000 transcripts have been completed by NCRA’s members—steno court reporters who are giving back to our country by guarding the record of America’s heroes.

NCRF has all of the information you need to get involved! Contact us through NCRA’s toll-free line at 800/272-NCRA (6272), or email program manager Beth Kilker.

And don’t forget—PDCs are awarded for each transcript submitted: Point two five (.25) for each one, and up to 1.0 PDC in your three-year cycle. They are free for NCRA members!  And students get a free one-year NCRA membership in return for transcribing two histories.

Make the Promise. Get involved. You’ll be glad you did.