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2012 SAVE award

December 19, 2012

Recently, the White House issued nominations for the SAVE Award (Securing American Value and Efficiency), an award given annually to the federal government employee who proposes the best idea to make government work more effectively and efficiently and ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent wisely. James Szender (Anchorage, Alaska), one of the individuals who is nominated for the award, has proposed eliminating the use of court reporters to transcribe public meetings and instead use digital recording.

While Mr. Szender may have had the best of intentions, NCRA believes that his proposal fails to look at the big picture. To ensure that his proposal does not win this award, NCRA encourages you to cast your vote for the "Shift to Senior Transit Fares" proposal conceptualized by Frederick Winter of Arlington, Virginia, who currently serves as the coordinator for the Realtime Writers Program. Winter’s proposal will reduce employee travel expenses by 50 percent with no loss in employee benefits.

Vote now for the “Shift to Senior Transit Fares” Proposal

Once again, your vote is needed to ensure that stenographic court reporter jobs are not lost due to this shortsighted proposal to save money. Please contact your friends, family, and colleagues and urge them to vote for the "Shift to Senior Transit Fare" proposal. The deadline for submissions is this Friday, December 21, at 12 p.m. ET, so we must act quickly!

If you have any questions, contact NCRA's Government Relations department at