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NCRF kite auction soared

September 5, 2012

NCRA President Tami Smith and her beloved husband, who was affectionately nicknamed Bear, shared a love of flying kites. They collected all sizes and shapes over the years and would run to the wind every chance they got. They both also loved NCRF and its programs, so to support the foundation during the Philly Convention, Tami donated four precious kites to NCRF in Bear’s memory (he passed away in January 2012). The retail value of each was not significant (only about $25 each), but the sentimental value was priceless, and over $300 was raised for NCRF through generous bidders.

Something wonderful happened at the close of bidding on Saturday, August 11th, at 5:45 p.m. Gene and Jo Ann Betler of Huntington, West Virginia, were high bidders on three of the four kites, but instead of taking the kites, they paid the amounts they owed for each of their high bids and then donated the kites back to NCRF, so that the next highest bidder could have them. Through their generous action, NCRF actually got paid twice for three of the four kites! Thanks to the four new kite owners, Beth Kilker, Robin Rohrback, Lillian Freiler, and Merilyn Sanchez, and to everyone else who bid!