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NCRA’s TRAIN readying reporters to write realtime

August 29, 2012

Based on feedback from NCRA’s membership-wide survey Writing our Future, the NCRA Board of Directors created TRAIN. TRAIN, or Taking Realtime Awareness and Innovation Nationwide, promotes getting court reporters over the fears that are associated with writing realtime.

NCRA’s TRAIN officially embarked six months ago at TechCon with an intensive program aimed at clarifying complicated software, hardware, and provide some helpful tips along the way. Since this time, the program has blossomed as intended. Small group sessions of reporters looking to improve their realtime writing and help other reporters begin writing realtime have been popping up around the country. TRAIN has already held presentations in numerous state associations, Maricopa County, Arizona, TechCon, and NCRA’s Annual Convention in Philadelphia. NCRA strongly encourages our members to get involved with TRAIN by contacting your state representative (click to view state representatives) for information on how you can hop on board.

The leaders of NCRA’s TRAIN include NCRA Vice President Sarah Nageotte (Ohio), NCRA Directors Toni O’Neill (Calif.) and Viola Zborowski (N.J.), as well as Sue Terry (Ohio), Ron Cook (Wash.), Mary Burzynski (Wis.), Lisa Knight (Colo.), Regina Berenato-Tell (N.J.), and Linda Kaiser (Texas).

To learn more about the TRAIN program and to view the TRAIN presentation from TechCon, please visit the TRAIN homepage. If you are interested in improving your realtime or in helping other reporters write realtime, please contact NCRA Government Relations at