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Search Dog Foundation presents “Ubu” to NCRA to honor support of NCRA members

August 11, 2012

Search Dog Foundation Presentation

Search Dog Foundation canine-handler teams, Firefighter Jeff Leon and Justice (Tulsa Fire) (far left) and Captain Jim Boggeri and Nino (Sacramento Fire) (far right) are accompanied by Jan Lopez, RPR, and founder of the Julie Brandau Community Service Memorial Project. During the 2012 Annual Convention and Exposition in Philadelphia, the group presented "Ubu," a search-and-rescue K-9 Labrador replica, to members of the NCRA Board.

The Memorial seeks to embrace Julie’s passions, giving to others and her love of dogs, and with the overwhelming support of NCRA and many of its state affiliates, the court reporting industry has sponsored the training of seven SDF canine-handler teams. Contributions currently total over $75,000 since Julie's passing in 2005.

SDF rescues high-energy canines from shelters and breed rescues, trains them for search-and-rescue, and then gives these highly-trained dogs to firefighters and other first responders at no cost to their departments. Should the canine ever lose focus or drive, the Foundation guarantees lifetime care, never to be a rescue again.

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