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NCRA Annual Business Meeting report on bylaws amendments and Board elections

August 10, 2012

Members vote in favor of all bylaws amendments put before them

During the NCRA Annual Business meeting on Thursday, August 9, members had the chance to discuss the three proposed Constitution and Bylaws amendments that were put forward for voting. The bylaws amendments considered whether to broaden the language so that any director, not just the officers, could be removed from the Board; increase the number of signatures a candidate who wishes to challenge a selection by the Nominating Committee for the Board of Directors would need to collect to be eligible to do so; and give the Board of Directors more flexibility by allowing more than three people to be appointed to the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.    

Online voting opened after the Annual Business Meeting adjourned and was open for 12 hours.  454 members cast votes.  To pass, bylaws amendments must receive at least two-thirds (2/3) affirmation by the Voting Members who are voting by electronic mail or other authorized means of electronic transmission.

The following Bylaws amendments were passed:

  • Article V - Board of Directors - New Section 7
  • Article VIII - Nomination and Election of Officers and Directors - Section 3 - Preparation of the Slate of Nominee
  • Article XII - Structure, Section 2 - Committees, Councils and Task Forces

Information on the Bylaws amendments are available online.

NCRA announces 2012-2013 Board of Directors

NCRA installed its new Board of Directors during the Friday, August 10, Premier Session at the 2012 NCRA Annual Convention and Exposition.

NCRA’s new Officers are as follows:

Tami Smith, RPR, CPE
Battle Creek, Mich.

Nancy C. Varallo, RDR, CRR, FAPR
Worcester, Mass.

Vice President:
Sarah Nageotte, RDR, CRR, CBC
Jefferson, Ohio

Steve Zinone, RPR
Canandaigua, N.Y.

Immediate Past President:
R. Douglas Friend, RDR, CRR
Portland, Ore.

In addition, three people were nominated by the Nominating Committee and elected into positions on the NCRA Board of Directors. They are:

Doreen Sutton, RPR
Scottsdale, Ariz.

Karen Teig, RPR, CRR, CMRS
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Heidi Thomas, RDR, CRR, CBC, FAPR
Rowell, Ga. 

Finally, with Steve Zinone moving uncontested to the office of secretary-treasurer, his ascension left a vacancy on the Board of Directors for the remaining two years of a three-year director term. Three candidates were nominated from the floor during the Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, August 9, 2012, in accordance with NCRA’s Constitution and Bylaws, Article V, Section 6. The members present at the meeting voted on the candidates, and Nativa Wood, RDR, CMRS, FAPR, of Mechanicsburg, Pa. won the election. She will finish out the two-year remainder on Zinone’s director seat.