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Two-year Board of Director term vacancy to be filled at NCRA Business Meeting in Philadelphia

July 26, 2012

With no NCRA members emerging to oppose the election of Steve Zinone to the office of secretary-treasurer, his ascension to the new office will create a vacancy for the remaining two years of a three-year director term. An election to fill that vacancy will be held during the Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, August 9, 2012, in Philadelphia, Pa.

The NCRA Constitution and Bylaws, Article V, Section 6, reads in part, "...the presiding Officer shall entertain nominations for any unexpired term from the floor and the voting members at the annual business meeting shall elect a candidate to fill said vacancy.” Sections IV and V of the Elections Procedures will be followed during the meeting.

In short, what this means is that nominations will be taken from the floor to fill the director position. Members present at the meeting will then vote to fill the position. There will not be online voting for this purpose. For more information or for questions, please contact Laura Butler at