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Friend sets the record straight in letter to the editor

June 11, 2012

NCRA President R. Douglas Friend, RDR, CRR, fought to keep the record straight in a recent letter to the editor of the New Jersey publication, The Record. Their recent article, ‘Steno’: Shorthand for a vanishing breed (online version available here) claimed that the change to digital recording devices, “…is a successful, cost-effective attempt by courts to keep pace with technology and keep reliable records of proceedings.” Friend countered in his letter, “While your article appropriately points to some of the weaknesses of audio recording that can result in an inferior record of court proceedings, it neglects to mention realtime court reporting, the cutting-edge technology that only court reporters are capable of providing. Realtime court reporters provide instant, verbatim access to a text version of the spoken word on a laptop computer or projected on a screen.” To read Friend’s full letter to the editor, please click here.