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Annual Business Meeting Voting Procedures

June 7, 2012

Three constitution and bylaws amendments have been submitted in a manner consistent with requirements of Article XVIII, Section 1, of NCRA’s Constitution and Bylaws for the Annual Business Meeting August 9, just before the convention. Eligible voting members will be able to vote on the proposed bylaws amendments. All information about the amendments will be available on NCRA's Voting Site.

Voting will open within two hours of the adjournment of the Annual Business Meeting (scheduled for 8:30-11:30 a.m. (Eastern Time) on Thursday, August 9) and remain open for a period of 12 hours. All NCRA voting members (as defined in Article III of the NCRA Constitution and Bylaws) have the right to vote on amendments online via a secure website; in addition, all NCRA voting members have the right to vote in contested elections, should any Board positions be contested by the deadline. For members to receive notification of the vote, which is conducted electronically through a third-party vendor, we must have your active email address in the NCRA member database no later than July 31, 2012. If a valid email address is not in your record, you will not receive the online voting email that will be distributed prior to the election. Please email NCRA's Member Services and Information Center for more information about your record or current email on file.

In addition, new officers and directors will be elected to the NCRA Board of Directors during the Annual Business Meeting. Bios of all of the nominees for the NCRA Board are available online. As provided in the bylaws, additional nominations are possible if filed by June 15. Biographies and photos for any additional nominations will be made available to the membership through NCRA Web and email publications.

Prior to the day of the meeting, we will have information on the NCRA home page about the Annual Business Meeting, including how to access the streaming realtime through NCRA’s Web site, and how to access the archived version after the meeting has ended.