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Foundation student intern scholarships available

June 7, 2012

Attention educators and students!  NCRF is soliciting nominations for two student intern scholarships.  Two students who meet specific criteria will be awarded $1,000 each. The deadline for nominations is Friday, July 6, 2012, and the winners will be announced at NCRA’s annual convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this summer.  Visit the NCRF website for details and a nomination form.

A scholarship can make a significant difference for an aspiring reporter.  Michael McMorran of Sage College in San Diego, California, was one of last year's winners.  In his thank you letter to the NCRF Trustees, he wrote “…I have been blessed with many opportunities in court reporting school to immerse myself into the technological advances that we as reporters have available to us, and this scholarship will only bring more of those learning opportunities to me and allow me to become that much more proficient as a new reporter when that time soon comes….”

Don’t delay!  Nominate a deserving student.  Contact B. J. Shorak, NCRF’s Deputy Executive Director, with any questions.

Funds for these scholarships have been provided in part by a generous donation from the Reis Family Foundation.