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Time is Running Out to Get CEUs in Brazil!

June 6, 2012

Together with People to People Citizen Ambassador Programs, Merilyn Sanchez, Past NCRA President and current NCRF Chair-Elect, is leading a court reporters’ delegation to Brazil on October 20-26, 2012.*  This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel on an exciting professional and cultural program to Brazil, AND TO EARN CEUs!

Merilyn has helped to develop the program's professional content to ensure its relevancy to reporters: 

  • EARN CEUs:  Participate in bilateral, face-to-face exchanges with our professional counterparts while earning continuing education credits through NCRA;
  • NETWORK:  Create connections with fellow citizen ambassadors, generating lasting professional and personal benefits;
  • EXCITING TRAVEL:  Experience compelling cultural sites and the vibrant local culture;
  • BE AN EMBASSADOR:  Promote global understanding through meaningful, cross-cultural exchanges.

People to People Citizen Ambassador Programs provide extraordinary access to people and places, giving insight far beyond what tourists can hope to gain.  Experience authentic local culture, extend your personal knowledge, and grow your career into the international realm.  Merilyn says, “I am honored to share with you this unparalleled opportunity to create a global network and get an insider's perspective on Brazil.”

DON’T MISS THIS EXCITING OPPORTUNITY!  Check out for detailed information and to enroll.  And bring a guest! Delegations tend to fill quickly, so start planning now. Learn more about People to People at, or feel free to e-mail Merilyn at

*[This program is sponsored solely by People to People and is not an NCRA event. NCRA has no control over the itinerary or travel arrangements.]