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NCRA commends Sens. Franken and Boozman for introducing Local Courthouse Safety Act

May 15, 2012

Legislation would help make courthouses safer for court employees and members of the public

On April 26, NCRA President Doug Friend, RDR, CRR, submitted a letter of support to Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Sen. John Boozman (R-AR) for their work supporting the safety of court reporters, court personnel, and the general public by introducing S. 2076, the Local Courthouse Safety Act of 2012.

President Friend argued forcefully that this legislation is vital and must be passed immediately. "NCRA finds it alarming that many courthouses around the country do not even have metal detectors or other basic security protections. Court reporters have a firsthand understanding of the tensions that exist in many court proceedings. The heightened emotions found in the courthouse setting can lead to violent and often unpredictable behavior, further reinforcing the need for this legislation," Friend says.

The legislation was developed as a response to the recent uptick in violent attacks occurring inside courthouses. These horrible attacks have been attributed to a lack of security personnel, security resources, general funding, and security training. Now more than ever, court reporters, judges, bailiffs, clerks, and the general public have been put in the middle of harm’s way, raising security concerns among not only court reporters but also court personnel.

NCRA will work closely with other associations in support of the legislation, including the National Association of Court Management, the Conference of Chief Justices, the American Judges Association, and the National Sheriffs’ Association, to advocate in favor of this legislation to other members of Congress.

To read President Friend’s letter, click here. For more information on the legislation, please visit NCRA’s Government Relations homepage.

For more information on the Local Courthouse Safety Act of 2012, please contact NCRA’s Government Relations Department.