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Key supporters join Ethics First

April 5, 2012

The Ethics First Task Force is pleased to announce that Kevin Kawa, in-house attorney for GEICO, and Steven Genter, on behalf of LiveDeposition, have signed on to Ethics First as Supporters. Melanie Humphrey-Sonntag (Wheaton, Ill.), RDR, CRR, Chair of the Ethics First Task Force, personally contacted Mr. Kawa, following up on GEICO's guidelines banning gifts in order to influence business transactions, provided information on the Ethics First program, and urged him to join NCRA in its educational campaign regarding the potential perils of incentive gift-giving. Sandy Bunch VanderPol (Lotus, Calif), RMR, CRR, promoted the Ethics First program and answered questions from Mr. Genter. The Task Force is pleased to highlight our two newest Supporters.

NCRA encourages members to serve as advocates for the court reporting profession and the high ethical standards that we hold ourselves to. The Ethics First Task Force requests that individual members speak to attorneys, litigants, paralegals, judges, and other court reporters about signing up for Ethics First. With added strength in numbers, NCRA will continue to educate consumers of our services about the ethical dilemmas that exist with incentive gift-giving.

The Ethics First Supporter category encompasses those who support the principles of the Ethics First program but do not officially make the record. Supporters include broadcast captioners, CART providers, scopists, transcriptionists, attorneys, law firms, court reporting associations, and paralegals, among others.

To sign up for Ethics First, please visit the Ethics First homepage.

To learn more about the Ethics First program, as well as the Supporter Category overall, please visit the Ethics First Policies and Procedures.