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TRAIN program launches during TechCon and Boot Camp weekend

February 29, 2012

NCRA's newest task force, TRAIN (which stands for Taking Realtime Awareness and Innovation Nationwide) presented their "train the trainer" styled program to an audience filled with state leaders and technologically oriented court reporters at TechCon on Sunday, February 26. The program was also offered to NCRA's affiliate court reporter associations to present in small groups at their state conventions. The program's goal is to increase the number of court reporters capable of providing realtime across the country. A realtime reporter is the most technologically advanced method of capturing the record.

Presenting on behalf of the task force were Sarah Nageotte (Ohio), Toni O'Neill (Calif.), Viola Zborowski (N.J.), Regina Tell (N.J.), Sue Terry (Ohio), and Ron Cook (Wash.). Mary Burzynski (Wis.), Lisa Knight (Colo.), and Linda Kaiser (Texas) are also members of the TRAIN task force. This program will also be repeated at NCRA's annual convention in Philadelphia this August, 2012.

Please contact NCRA Senior Government Relations Specialist Adam Finkel or NCRA Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Jim Cudahy with any questions.