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Missing Miami digital court reporter turns up in court

February 7, 2012

On Monday morning, digital court recorder Roseann McMahon showed up in a Miami, Fla., court to defend herself.  In early January, the Miami-Herald reported that a court reporter was delaying the appeal of a dozen cases, including two murder trials, because she had not turned in the transcripts. NCRA President Doug Friend responded to the original report in a letter to the editor that was published January 11. 

McMahon was ordered to appear before a judge and explain the reason for the late transcripts three times, but she did not show up in court until Monday. She claimed in her own defense that the transcripts were not completed because they had not been paid for. McMahon told the court, “I did have the transcripts in the rotation.” 

Her company was hired from 2008-2011 to digitally record depositions for Miami’s Regional Conflict Counsel, which assists low-income clients who cannot afford to pay for attorneys. She explained to the judge that she had successfully transcribed five of the some 30 depositions at question, and under the judge’s order, McMahon was able to work out a plan with the Regional Counsel for finishing the work.   The judge scheduled another hearing for Friday morning and advised to McMahon that if she did not see signs of progress, criminal proceedings would be issued.

Due to NCRA’s letters and coverage of this event, the media reporters are noting that this is a digital reporter and not a stenographic reporter.