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Task Force on Contracting releases model legislation

January 25, 2012

After hundreds of hours of work, NCRA's Task Force on Contracting has published model legislation to help affiliate associations pass laws prohibiting contractual relationships with depositions. To develop this document, the task force reviewed existing third-party contracting legislation from all states that have prohibitions in place, as well as the model legislation developed by Citizens for Impartial Justice and NCRA in 2004. This legislation was developed for state leaders seeking to either implement anti-contracting language or improve their existing legislation.

While passing the entire model legislation is ideal and certainly encouraged, the intent is for each affiliate state association to work with their legislative sponsor and the legislature as a whole to pick and choose from an array of provisions that will make sense for that state. Characteristics of your state, such as whether your state has court reporter licensure or a certification board, whether that board is active or not, commonly accepted court reporting practices in your state, and the composition and political dynamics of your state's legislature, will affect which provisions are feasible to include in your anti-contracting bill. NCRA's Government Relations Department is standing by to assist you in crafting your legislation.

Members of the task force include Chairperson Toni Pulone (Calif.), Marianne Cammarota (N.J.), Laurel Eiler (Tenn.), Mary Meyer (Ariz.), Lisa Migliore Black (Ky.), Rick Paone (N.J.), Lori Urmston (Nev.), NCRA COPE Liaison Karen Yates (Nev.), and NCRA Board Liaison Bruce Matthews (Ohio).

Contact the NCRA's Government Relations Department for assistance from the Task Force on Contracting in implementing third-party contracting legislation in your state. The Task Force on Contracting eagerly awaits your requests to provide assistance to affiliate associations with regard to third-party contracting.