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StenAdvocates remain vigilant promoting and defending steno

January 17, 2012

The world of steno has been a very busy place, and its advocates have been active on the profession’s behalf. Across the country, these StenAdvocates have been taking it upon themselves to promote and defend the profession. On January 10th, a letter to the editor from NCRA President Doug Friend ran in the Miami Herald to refute suggestions made in an article the previous week in the paper that an error made by a local court reporter could have been prevented if courts were to move to electronic recording to create the record. In the published letter that ran under the headline "Recorders not the answer to stenographic errors," Friend wrote. Read his full letter here. However, Friend is not alone. StenAdvocates from all walks of life continue such work. To read more stories of advocacy, click here to view the StenAdvocate blog.