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NCRA Defends Steno Reporting in Letter to the Miami Herald

January 9, 2012

NCRA President Doug Friend submitted a letter to the editor to the Miami Herald, published on January 10, defending the role of the stenographic court reporter in the court system. His submission comes in response to an article published by the Herald that blamed the court reporter for having to retry a convicted criminal.

In the letter, Mr. Friend asserted, “While the mistake of the court reporter in this case is both unfortunate and inexcusable, it is news in part because such mistakes by court reporters are so rare. Indeed, if courts are interested in preventing such egregious errors, the worst thing they could do would be to install audio recording systems as a replacement for court reporters.”

Mr. Friend concluded, “By applying high standards to those responsible for such a critical role within our judicial system, the chances that such mistakes can occur are greatly reduced. On the contrary, were the courts in Florida to replace stenographic reporters with audio recorders, history has shown that such mistakes will become more common.”

NCRA will continue to advocate for the role of the stenographic court reporter in the legal system nationwide.

Click here to view the entire letter to the editor submitted by Mr. Friend as published by the Miami Herald.