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Former NCRA president SueLynn Morgan resigns membership

December 9, 2011

The NCRA Board of Directors received notice from former president SueLynn Morgan on December 5th, through her attorney, that she had resigned her NCRA membership. Morgan indicated that she had resigned based on actions initiated by the NCRA Board. The Board had initiated such actions shortly after learning in September that Morgan had accepted employment with a leading manufacturer of digital audio recording (DAR) systems and was following due process in adherence with the NCRA Constitution & Bylaws when this communication was received. Morgan’s resignation has rendered further action by the Board in this matter unnecessary.
NCRA President R. Douglas Friend, RDR, CRR, indicated that the matter is now closed. “We have a number of strategic-level initiatives underway to advance the stenographic court reporting profession,” he said. “Our association and our members are moving ahead with resolve and with renewed purpose. With this situation behind us, we have even more energy to devote to these efforts.”