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Update from the reporters of the Michael Jackson trial

December 7, 2011

Patricia McNeal and I both had a few days off over the Thanksgiving weekend to catch our breath. The sentencing of Dr. Murray and the conclusion, almost, of the case were scheduled for November 29. The district attorneys presented a capsulized review of the case, the defense pleaded with the court to consider the doctor's "book of life," and the judge rendered his blistering pronouncements. All eyes were riveted on the judge as he began his statement of reasons. Jackson’s mother, Katherine, dabbed at her eyes; Jermaine Jackson was perched on the edge of his seat so as to not miss a syllable that was spoken; Dr. Murray's mother prayed; and, still, the doctor remained emotionless and unexpressive.

The experience for us was incredible - and incredibly difficult at times. The expert testimony from the doctors and scientists with their graphs and ratios, milliliters and micrograms, kept us on our toes. The attorneys - all of them - were aware of how difficult it may be for us, so they provided reports and other materials so that we could familiarize ourselves and add terms to our dictionaries, which was most helpful. The witnesses as well were very gracious when we caught them in the foyer and asked for spellings.

Having prepared every day of the trial, we are ready to print and then file our appeal in record time once it's filed by the defense.