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Strong Grassroots Effort Helps ACRA Defeat Harmful Legislation

May 3, 2011

Official court reporters in Arizona were under particular attack from their state legislature during the 2011 legislative session.  Two identical bills were introduced in the State Senate and State House, which would replace live court reporters in grand jury proceedings with digital audio recording and digital video recording.  The Arizona Court Reporters Association (ACRA) engaged in a widespread and thorough grassroots campaign to state legislators and their offices, attempting to convince them to oppose the legislation.  After meeting with the sponsor of the Senate bill, ACRA persuaded that particular senator to pull the Senate version of the bill.

However, the House version (H.B. 2354) did pass through the House Judiciary Committee.  The bill failed to pass the Rules Committee, though, do to reinstating their grassroots campaign with members sitting on the Rules Committee.  Once the bill failed to get out of the Rules Committee, the Administrative Office of the Courts announced that the legislation was, for all intents and purposes, dead.  ACRA’s quick and steady action along with a deep commitment to protecting their profession, and strong message helped them defeat legislation that would have replaced official court reporters with digital audio recording and digital video recording. 

NCRA commends ACRA for their strong grassroots efforts.  Please contact Adam Finkel at in the Government Relations Department with questions on this on grassroots lobbying.  More information on the importance of grassroots lobbying can be found on the NCRA website.