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California’s Court Reporters Halt Implementation of DAR/ER in State Courts

May 4, 2011

In late April, the California Court Reporters Association (CCRA) announced a significant legislative success.  Assembly Bill 803 would replace official court reporters with ER in 20 percent of courtrooms per year over the next five years, basically phasing out all officials in the state.  CCRA led the fight in defeating this destructive legislation operating a significant grassroots campaign to successfully lobby their state legislators.

In addition, California's court reporters received support from the numerous associations and organizations with a stake in the judicial system, including the California District Attorneys Association, the California Public Defenders Association, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Statewide Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, California Federation of Court Interpreters, the California Judges Association, California Official Court Reporters Association and numerous other groups. 

After testimony was taken, the committee voted against passage of the bill with only two legislators voting in favor and six opposing.  California's reporters did an excellent job of coalescing support from consumer and user groups to defend the role of the court reporter in the courtroom.

Their work is to be celebrated, and NCRA hopes that other affiliate associations will use California's success as a model for their legislative actions.  Please contact Adam Finkel in NCRA's Government Relations Department at with any questions or comments.