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Wireless Task Force Releases Final Wireless White Paper

June 2, 2011

Task Force Expanding Peer Review Process

The Wireless Task Force is pleased to announce that its white paper, titled The Secure Delivery of Transcripts Using Wireless and Internet-Based Realtime Methods, has been officially completed.  

"This white paper is going to become the benchmark to judges, court administrators, IT professionals, and litigants, demonstrating that wireless and Bluetooth realtime are 100 percent secure," said Wireless Task Force Chair SueLynn Morgan.  "We have found that the majority of federal and state courts have not yet broached the issue, and the task force wanted to be proactive and provide some certainty to the multitude of court reporters who provide a much-needed service in their courtrooms on a daily basis." 

Currently, the task force has already had an objective source review the paper.   The task force contacted Independent Security Expert Carl Davis, C|EH, CISSP, MCSE, CCSA to ask him to offer his suggestions on ensuring that wireless realtime is both safe and secure for courts to use.  Concluded Mr. Davis, "Concisely, I would like to stress that the wireless technology promoted by the Wireless Task Force is safe and secure if used and implemented in a secure manner."

The task force will also request to have the paper peer reviewed by COSCA and NACM's working group on all issues technology, the Joint Technology Conference (JTC).  If the JTC agrees to offer a peer review, it will give credibility to the content and provide assistance in distributing the final paper to a larger, more diverse audience so that individuals involved with the court system will understand the security of wireless and Bluetooth realtime. 

SueLynn Morgan, Bill Weber, Sandy VanderPol, Julie Thomas, Jerry Kelley, and Adam Finkel all shared co-authorships. 

Please email NCRA Government Relations Specialist Adam Finkel or call 703-556-6272 ext. 159 for more information.