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NCRA to Have Major Presence at Intersteno in Paris

July 12, 2011

NCRA will field one of the largest delegations to the Intersteno World Congress, in Paris, July 10-15, thanks in large part to the efforts of a number of NCRA volunteers, including Virgene Biggers, RPR, and Teri Gaudet, CRI, CPE, who help prepare the English speech capturing and realtime contests and will administer these competitions.  NCRA, which is the official group designated to represent the United States within Intersteno, has emerged as a leader in the international community through its commitment to  share information with other countries during the Intersteno Congresses and other meetings. NCRA maintains its leadership role within the Federation by working year-round to serve that the interests and needs of U.S. stenographic reporters and highlight the benefits of stenographic reporting on the international level.

Among its other activities, Intersteno requests reports of its members. This past year, NCRA’s representatives on the  Intersteno Education Committee, Laqueta Soule, CRI, CPE, and Lynette Eggers, CRI, CPE, submitted an essay on the history of stenographic education in the United States and NCRA’s various efforts to support the educational system.  The report is supposed to appear in a collection of essays to be published by Intersteno’s Education Committee to coincide with its World Congress.

This year, approximately 600 people from 34 countries have registered for the international conference, and more than half are expected to compete in the many contests that will be held there.  The 25-member contingent from the United States is approximately equal in size to the delegations of Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the host country, France. According to numbers released by the organization, 90 of the attendees are from what we would consider the judicial court reporting field, that is, people who work as parliamentary, court, and legislative assembly reporters.