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New York Career Institute Mini Convention

July 14, 2011

The school: New York Career Institute. The setting: U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Working with former NYCI graduate Anthony Frisolone, now a Fellow of the Academy of Professional Reporters and federal official in Brooklyn, NCRA made arrangements to hold its ninth mini campus convention in the prestigious Ceremonial Courtroom in Brooklyn. The Ceremonial Courtroom is used for memorial services. It’s also where new judges are inducted to the Eastern District Bench and where new citizens of the United States are sworn in and receive their certificates of citizenship each week. Surrounded by paintings of the current and former justices lining the walls, 125 students filled the courtroom for a day of fun and learning.

NCRA Board Director Nancy Varallo’s keynote speech set the tone: defining professionalism, stressing the importance of involvement in your state and national associations, the importance of giving back to your profession, and imploring the students to make reporting a career rather than just a job.

Marybeth Everhart’s seminar on analyzing where your test writing falls apart and strategizing how to overcome your testing nerves was boisterous and interactive. Students then swarmed the exhibitors during the first of three vendor breaks. Five exhibitors attended: Advantage Software, Dictionary Jumpstart, ProCAT, Realtime Coach, and Stenograph. The next seminar featured Anthony Frisolone, Judi Johnson, Debra Levinson, Anissa Nierenberger, and Colleen Platt, who each highlighted the career paths of freelance and official reporting, CART providing, captioning, and being a firm owner. Two more presentations were held after lunch: Anissa Nierenberger’s session on building your dictionary for optimal realtime translation, and Nancy Varallo’s session on the critical basics for getting your reporting business started, including taxes, errors and omissions insurance, marketing, and relationship building.