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Task Force on Contracting (TFOC) holds in-person meeting

November 4, 2011

Major plans to be announced soon

NCRA's Task Force on Contracting (TFOC) held a meeting in Chicago, Ill., from October 29 to 30 to discuss plans for the 2011-2012 year. The task force is making progress toward assisting our affiliate associations with enforcement of existing legislation of third-party contractual relationships across the country. Additionally, resources will be developed for state leaders to take advantage of with regard to passing third-party contracting legislation and regulations and enforcing existing legislation and regulations.

Members of the task force include Chairperson Toni Pulone (Calif.), Marianne Cammarota (N.J.), Laurel Eiler (Tenn.), Mary Meyer (Ariz.), Lisa Migliore Black (Ky.), Rick Paone (N.J.), Lori Urmston (Nev.), and NCRA Board Liaison Bruce Matthews (Ohio). The TFOC will be providing regular updates on its changes to NCRA membership throughout the coming year.

Stay tuned for more information coming very shortly. Please contact NCRA's Government Relations Department with any questions regarding the Task Force on Contracting.