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NCRA Launches New Logo to Coincide with Era of Member Empowerment

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October 27, 2011
October 27, 2011

Jim Cudahy

Over the course of 12 months ending with the 2011 NCRA Annual Convention in Las Vegas, members provided their perspectives on what they felt the future of the stenographic court reporting profession should be and, then, what NCRA’s role within that future should be. Among the core outcomes from this year-long initiative known as “Writing Our Future” is that NCRA should remain an organization that focuses exclusively on protecting and advancing the interests of stenographic court reporters. Period. End of story.

But there were a number of additional directives that NCRA members provided during Writing Our Future, which collectively form the basis of strategic priorities upon which the association has embarked. With new momentum and a new era defined by the concept of empowering members with the tools to sell the virtues of the profession to the key influencers who will shape the profession of the future, NCRA is unveiling a new logo to coincide with the launch of its brand new website.

“We could think of no better way to demonstrate in explicit terms that their voices were heard through Writing Our Future than to incorporate what they told us within the essence of our brand, our logo,” said Jim Cudahy, NCRA’s senior director of marketing and communications. Cudahy is referring to a number of symbolic elements within the logo. First, the icon on the left of the logo is meant to resemble a key from a steno machine. “But it’s also meant to be a shield, demonstrating NCRA’s commitment to protect the profession. And if you look carefully, it also is meant to be a finger, the wedge cut out that crosses into the ‘N’ serving as part of the finger nail.” Moving from left to right across the logo, the “CRA” is all caps on a dark background to serve roughly as the manner in which realtime is displayed, paying homage to the CART providers and captioners within NCRA’s membership.

Then there’s the tagline or positioning statement: “Setting the standard for capturing the record.” This likewise is a takeaway from Writing Our Future. Members indicated overwhelmingly that they want to see all methods of capturing the record answering to the same standards of quality and competence. While making such a statement in a tagline does not itself answer the aspirations of members in this regard, it does state clearly that stenographic court reporting is THE standard when it comes to capturing the record.

Among the additional findings from Writing Our Future a reiteration by members that NCRA should be engaged in a sustained campaign to build wider recognition and appreciation of the stenographic court reporter among key influencers within the legal arena. Another priority according to members is for NCRA to provide its support to court reporting schools to recruit more students to the profession. Within the NCRA website is an enhanced and growing array of tools that court reporters and schools for this exact purpose. Beyond that, NCRA also is introducing new logos to represent the two professions it serves – stenographic court reporting as well as CART and broadcast captioning. These two logos are hybrids of the NCRA logo, but have slogans that are geared to the professions themselves rather than to the association and will be used on merchandise, in advertisements, and otherwise in situations where “NCRA” itself is not as important to emphasize as is the professions themselves.