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NCRF Awarded $5,000 for Veterans History Project

October 20, 2011

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Charitable Service Trust has awarded a $5,000 grant to the National Court Reporters Foundation (NCRF) in order to expand the Veterans History Project (VHP) by interviewing and transcribing the oral histories of disabled American veterans who are members of the DAV. The VHP of the American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible the personal accounts of American war veterans to inspire future generations with these stories of service to our country.  VHP archives its collections at the Library of Congress and makes them available to researchers, historians, and the public.

In the coming months, NCRF will be contacting affiliated state court reporters associations and Disabled American Veterans' state organizations to coordinate setting up VHP Days.  In turn, NCRF hopes to collect as many stories of DAV's combat disabled members as possible for the DAV/VHP Project.

A meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, October 20, 2011, at NCRA Headquarters to discuss an implementation plan.  Attending will be: Dave Autry, Deputy National Director of Communications, DAV; Bob Patrick, Director of Veterans History Project, Library of Congress; Jeff Lofton, Senior Liaison Specialist, Veterans History Project, Library of Congress;  B. J. Shorak, Deputy Executive Director, NCRF; and Beth Kilker, Oral Histories Program Coordinator, NCRF.