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Report from Visionary Legal's Voice Recognition Realtime Expo

August 30, 2011

Prepared for National Court Reporters Association Technology Evaluation Committee

A blending of the reports of Dale Guedry, Donna Collins, Rick Greenspan, Jim DeCrescenzo, and Kevin Hunt by Jerry Kelley

"Evaluation" was the goal as several members of NCRA and TCRA attended the Expo presented by Visionary Legal. One of the first things attendees were told is that Jim McCranie, Visionary's President, CEO and the voice of the Expo, is a (non-court reporter) member of NCRA.

A number of court reporters and firms have been customers of Visionary Legal for several years, using products such as V-Print, V-Print Pro, and V-Print Enterprise.

Attendees were told by McCranie that the Expo would cover -

  1. Visionary Digital Recorder (VDR);
  2. VDR hardware bundle: Laptop equipped with Windows 7, USB mixer, lapel and table mics, headphone and speaker, Web camera, and cables;
  3. Visionary Speech Transcript (VST);
  4. Visionary Digital Player (VDP), which comes with earphones and foot control;
  5. Free software for transcribers;
  6. LiveFeed, unedited realtime rough draft, with a digital recording serving as the final transcription source.