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NCRA Members Dominate Intersteno Speed Competition

July 15, 2011

24A855B3-34EC-4137-A959-43C55C92F2D4US steno writers performed exceptionally well in the Shorthand/Speech Capturing and Realtime contests at the 48th Intersteno World Congress.  Results were announced on July 15 in the historic Hotel de Ville (city hall) in Paris with the top performers receiving medals for their accomplishments. 

Deanna Boenau and Laura Brewer placed second and third, respectively, in the Speech Capturing - Machine Shorthand category for seniors.  In fact, five of the top seven performances in this category were Americans. Other American top finishers were John Wissenbach (4th), Teri Darrenougue (6th), Jack Boenau (7th), and Laura Denise Axelson (14th). There were 32 competitors in this category.  The overall World Champion in Speech Capturing was won by Wang Rui of China, a machine writer.

In the Realtime Transcription contest - Senior Division, Americans won 4 of the top 10 spots, including the World Championship.  Overall, 6 Americans placed, all in the top half of a field of 39.  Laura Brewer placed first and is the World Champion.  Jennifer Schuck placed 3rd. Other Americans results were:  Deanna Boenau (5th), Teri Darrenougue (7th), John Wissenbach (12th), and Jack Boenau (19th).

Full contest results lists are now available on the Intersteno website .

Special thanks are owed to NCRA members Virgene and Dale Biggers, Teri and Gordon Gaudet and Russell Page who volunteered and spent countless hours making the Intersteno contests a success.