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Brock Wins Speed Contest; Bryce Is New Realtime Champ

July 30, 2011

Alan Brock, RDR, CRR, of Boston, Mass., won NCRA’s 2011 Speed Contest with a combined score of 99.265 percent. The Speed Contest consists of three legs: literary at 220 wpm; legal opinion at 230; and two-voice testimony at 280. Emily Niles, RMR, CRR, of Seattle, Wash., came in second with a score of 99.199 percent, and Donna Urlaub, RMR, CRR, of Chicago, Ill., placed third with a score of 99.137 percent.

The 2011 Realtime Contest Champion is Jo Ann Bryce, RMR, CRR, of Castro Valley, Calif. Her combined accuracy on the two-part contest, consisting of straight matter at 200 wpm and a two-voice at 225 wpm, was 99.039 percent. Mark Kislingbury, RMR, CRR, of Houston, Texas, placed second in the realtime contest with an overall score of 98.972 percent, and Douglas Zweizig, RDR, CRR, of Philadelphia, Pa., came in third with 98.878 percent.