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NCSA Body Passes Two Resolutions at Annual Meeting

August 3, 2011

At the National Committee of State Associations (NCSA) Annual Meeting, led by Chair Cathy Phillips and Vice-Chair Marlana Haig, the NCSA body approved two resolutions, which will now go to the NCRA Board of Directors. Resolutions 11-01 and 11-02, both submitted by the California Court Reporters Association (CCRA), passed the NCSA body unanimously.

Resolution 11-01 advised that "NCRA provide more funding to its governmental affairs department to create boilerplate language for state associations in regards to gift giving, third-party contracting, and ownership of the official court transcript." Resolution 11-02 advised that "NCRA formulate a boilerplate advisory opinion question for individual court reporting state associations to ask of their state bar associations."

Additionally, the NCSA body held elections for open governing board positions. Linda McSwain and Mary Burzynski were elected as Governing Board Members, while Karen Morris and Sheryl Culver were elected as Governing Board Alternates. They will be joining Regina Berenato-Tell on the Governing Board next year.

Finally, NCRA would like to thank Chair Cathy Phillips for her service to NCSA over the past four years. Marlana Haig will be taking over as NCSA Chair, and Kristin Anderson has been appointed Vice-Chair for the next two years.

Please contact Adam Finkel in NCRA's Government Relations Department if you have any questions or comments.