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Changes to NCRA Advertising Policy

August 17, 2011

The NCRA Board of Directors voted to change NCRA's advertising policy so that nonmember court reporters or court reporting firms headed by a nonmember would be subject to NCRA's Code of Professional Ethics.The policy is in effect, but the Board decided to grant a grace period, until November 1, 2011, for advertisers to come into compliance before complaints will be considered. No complaints will be considered against a nonmember advertiser until after November 1, 2011, and only for actions occurring after that date.

Up until this change was made, only NCRA members were obligated to abide by the NCRA Code of Professional Ethics. The Board approved a change to the NCRA Advertising Policy so that, now, nonmembers who are also court reporters or owners of court reporting firms, are required to abide by NCRA's Code of Professional Ethics in order to advertise with any NCRA venue, including convention exhibits and event sponsorships.

NCRA has also approved advertising complaint procedures that will be followed should a complaint be filed against a nonmember advertiser. These procedures give advertisers the same due process protections as a member has if an ethics complaint is filed against them.