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Task Force on Contracting Meets in Las Vegas

August 17, 2011

Begins Planning for the Year

NCRA's newest task force, the Task Force on Contracting (TFOC), met in person during NCRA's Annual Convention in Las Vegas. During this meeting, the task force discussed its charges for the 2011-2012 year, and it began some preliminary planning. The task force's charges include reviewing and evaluating past activities at the state and national level to govern third-party contracting activities, developing specific proposals for future action that will allow for effective enforcement of current laws, and working as a point of contact to assist NCRA's affiliate associations efforts to pass effective rules or legislation governing third-party contracting.

Members of the task force include Chairperson Toni Pulone (Calif.), Marianne Cammarota (N.J.), Laurel Eiler (Tenn.), Mary Meyer (Ariz.), Lisa Migliore Black (Ky.) Rick Paone (N.J.), Lori Urmston (Nev.), and NCRA Board Liaison Bruce Matthews (Ohio). The TFOC will be providing regular updates on its charges to NCRA membership throughout the coming year. Please contact NCRA's Government Relations Department with any questions regarding the Task Force on Contracting