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Earn Professional Development Credits by Reading Al Betz's Books

September 6, 2011

Al Betz, an author, court reporter, and owner of Outfluence, LLC, has three books available for purchase in our online store - Outfluence, Polishing the Pearl, and Powerwriters.  By reading each of these books and passing a test with a grade of 85% or higher, you can earn 0.25 Professional Development credit per book toward re-certification.

A key component of an individual’s success is his/her ability to communicate effectively, genuinely, and thoughtfully.  Outfluence, which is silent communication and constant messaging, is an invaluable asset in today’s highly competitive business environment.  Outfluence is Al's signature book from which his business model and name are derived. 

Polishing the Pearl is Al's way of inspiring people to attain consistent high-quality personal performance in court reporting.  It is an excellent resource for those looking to build their reputation as a court reporter and garner more clients.

In Powerwriters, Al Betz takes readers through a day in the life of dozens of court reporters and many notorious and controversial trials that have captured the attention of the world.  It is a great resource for those who are interested in the profession and for those who have just entered it.