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Ethics First Participation Requirements Updated

October 6, 2011

Writing Our Future Results Influence Ethics First Program

Based primarily on the results from Writing Our Future, the Ethics First program has become an NCRA members-only benefit. This creates another reason for nonmembers to join NCRA - to use the Ethics First logo as an added marketing tool for themselves and their firms.

Ethics First is a no-cost public awareness program that seeks to positively educate court reporters, colleagues, firms, and, in particular, their clients and consumers about how and why the impartiality and neutrality of the court reporter is of the utmost importance in maintaining an unbiased legal system.

The threshold for Ethics First Firms has also changed to better represent NCRA member interests. The firm must have at least one owner or manager who is an NCRA member, and the owner or firm manager who registers the firm will simultaneously be registered as an individual Ethics First Participant or Supporter.

The Board in September approved an Ethics First Policies and Frequently Asked Questions document that provides further insight and information into the Ethics First program and how it benefits the court reporter and the legal system. For articles, presentations, legal opinions, and additional information published by the Ethics First Task Force, please visit the Ethics First Document Database. The task force also plans on creating customizable marketing materials for all Ethics First Participants and Firms to use to promote their involvement.

Current nonmember Ethics First Participants will be given until February 1, 2012, to join NCRA, coincident with the 2011 membership cycle, at which point they may no longer participate in Ethics First as a nonmember.

We encourage all NCRA members - freelance, official, CART providers, captioners, associates, CLVS -- to join Ethics First as a Participant, Supporter, or Firm and to help promote the program. NCRA strongly believes that the Ethics First trademark is a highly effective marketing tool that highlights the perils of inappropriate gifting in our profession.

For more information or to share any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact the Ethics First Task Force at