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Ethics First Task Force Releases New Logos

October 6, 2011


Also Introduces New 'Supporter' Category

The Ethics First Task Force has released new versions of its logo to further differentiate Ethics First participation from NCRA individual membership. The logos recognize NCRA members who have made a commitment to abide by and promote the rules of the Code of Professional Ethics (COPE), particularly with regard to gift-giving.

Additionally, in an effort to better serve NCRA members and external audiences, NCRA has introduced a third category of Ethics First program membership: the Ethics First Supporter. Ethics First Supporters encompass those who support the tenets of Ethics First but do not "make the impartial record." This group includes state court reporting associations, state and local bar associations, CART providers, captioners, attorneys, law firms, judges, judicial associations, vendors, scopists, and transcriptionists. The Supporter category will play a major role in promoting Ethics First to consumer audiences for the 2011-2012 year, a charge that has been handed to the task force from the NCRA Board of Directors.

The new logo designs are now available for download on the Ethics First documents database. In the document database, you can also find PowerPoint presentations, articles, legislation, and legal opinions regarding incentive gift-giving. Additionally, the task force will be releasing customizable advertising materials to promote the Ethics First program with your firm's or personal identifiers.

If you have previously purchased stationery, business cards, advertisements, or anything else that features the Ethics First logo, you are permitted to use them until you run out. After that, we ask that all materials feature the appropriate new logo. Additionally, we ask that you change the logo on your website, e-mail signatures, and other digital documents as soon as feasible.

We encourage all NCRA members to be an affirmative part of Ethics First as a Participant, Supporter, or Firm. There's something for everyone, and the FAQs can help clarify the value official reporters, CART providers, and others bring to the overall visibility of the program.

If you have any questions, please view the Ethics First Policies and Procedures document or share your questions, comments, or concerns with NCRA at