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NCRA Aggressively Pushing Steno at CTC 2011

October 4, 2011

CTC LogoThis week, NCRA – along with three partners – will be aggressively promoting stenographic court reporting at the Court Technology Conference in Long Beach, Calif.

NCRA will have a major presence, with a 20x20 booth placing the latest court reporting technology in front of more than 1,000 attendees that include judges, court administrators, and court I.T. personnel. The booth is set up like a miniature courtroom with a jury box, a makeshift judge, a witness stand, and – of course – a realtime court reporter. Then, using the technology provided by Smart Technologies, Stenocast, and YesLaw, we will demonstrate how technology can be harnessed to bring efficiencies to the capture, distribution, and display of the record.

CTC BoothThe Deposition Reporters Association also will have a presence in the booth and have been instrumental in making it possible to have a light-up Stenograph Diamante as the steno machine, which changes colors as the reporter ascends to higher speeds.

The group’s presence – referred to as the “Alliance for Integrated Court Technology” – will bring positive-impact exposure to the stenographic court reporting profession. 

NCRA wishes to thank SMART Technologies, YesLaw, StenoCast, and the DRA for their participation as well as Courtroom Connect, which is providing clips for a video loop that will display in the booth. In addition, we wish to thank Stenograph for allowing the use of the light-up Diamante. Also, CCRA will also have a presence in the booth. CCRA board member Christine Taylor  will be providing realtime services, joined by CCRA member Reagan Evans from Olympic Reporting and Video.